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05 January 2007 @ 08:13 am
Welcome to the first post of reginasweats! Come on in and experience the exciting world of me talking about how much I weigh and whether I got any exercise.

Today's weight: ~193 (my bathroom scale provides an approximate weight that's more or less in the neighborhood of my actual weight)

Today's measurements: 38" - 35" - 43 1/2" (thighs: 27" each)

Pants size: 14 (pants size is always an estimate based on what I'm currently wearing, or what I've tried on at the Gap)

Recap of the first 4 days of 2007:

1/1 (Monday): No exercise

1/2 (Tuesday): Walked for half an hour or so with Monica and Sarah, then an hour of pilates

1/3 (Wednesday): No exercise

1/4 (Thursday): Hour of pilates, half hour walk with ChiChi